What is a Food Hamper?

The objective of the food bank farm is to produce high quality vegetables for families in need. We grow, harvest, wash and package the food items, then deliver them to our partner the Soup Kitchen, who co-ordinates delivery of the food through their food bank located at 172 James Street in Sault Ste Marie.

The content of the hampers changes over the growing season, depending on the growth requirements of the plants.

Early Season

Late Season

We start many of our vegetables in a greenhouse. The first crops are planted in the greenhouse on April 1. If the weather is good, we begin planting crops in the field by about the middle of May. By the first of July many crops will be ready to harvest and we will begin delivering food hampers.
We constantly start new crops in the greenhouse, and are planting in the field throughout the summer. This lets us produce the maximum amount of food, and ensure that we always have a variety of food available throughout the growing season.
We will continuously harvest and deliver food right up to heavy frost, which typically happens by Thanksgiving. That means, our delivery season for hampers is about 15 weeks long.

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